NZ Rocketry Challenge '16

Student Model Rocketry Competition

The New Zealand Rocketry Challenge was started by KiwiSpace Foundation and NZ Rocketry Association in 2012, with assistance from Aerospace Education.

The objective of the Challenge is to promote rocketry education in the classroom, and to give students hands-on experience working in teams to solve an aerospace engineering challenge.



Twelve teams registered for the inaugural competition in 2012 (around 100 Year 7 & 8 students). The competition Launch Day was held at Ambury Regional Park in Auckland. Yana David & Mila Power from Diocesan School for Girls won the challenge, with a flight only 3 metres away from the target altitude of 150m.


For 2014 and onwards, we modified the competition format to make it easier for schools outside of the Auckland area to participate -- through the use of certified results from flights schools can undertake at a time that suits their schedule. We hope to add regional fly-offs in the future.